History, Assets, and Capabilities of New Haven Terminal, Inc.

New Haven Terminal is a privately owned corporation, founded as a general cargo marine facility in 1940 by T.A.D. Jones, the grandfather of Joseph and Douglas Crowley. Joseph D. Crowley has been President and CEO of New Haven Terminal since 1959. Douglas Crowley currently serves as Senior Vice President.

In the early 1950s, New Haven harbor was dredged to its present depth of 35 feet at Mean Low Water to permit commerce by ocean-going vessels. A prolonged domestic steel strike in 1962 turned many Connecticut steel users to foreign steel producers, and thus began the process by which New Haven Terminal became one of the major ports on the U. S. east coast for imported steel and other breakbulk and bulk liquid petroleum and chemical commodities.

At the present time, the assets of New Haven Terminal, Inc. consist of two bulk liquid petroleum storage terminals, totaling approximately 2.5 million barrels in capacity, plus warehouses and land areas leased to separate companies for biofuel production and dry cargo stevedoring. One of the bulk liquid storage terminals, and the leased dry cargo and biofuel production assets are located directly on New Haven Harbor in the city of New Haven. The second bulk liquid storage terminal is inland and is located partially in the city of New Haven and partially in the town of East Haven.